Rattery News and Info  

    Welcome to my rattery information page!  Here you will find a brief history of my rats and how this rattery will work.  The Daisy Chain Rattery is very new, so as it grows more information will become available on this page.  Happy reading!

    I first discovered the amazing charizma of rats in a little pet store in Pullman, Washington.  While interveiwing for a job in the store, a little black and white rat caught my attention.  She was very friendly and outgoing.  I lived in a dorm room at the time and I knew that I wasn't allowed to have pets, but she finally won me over  (with a little persuasion from one of my animal loving friends) and soon Daisy became my roomate.  Living in such close quarters with my furry friend only increased her people friendly attitude, but even with the constant companionship of of myself and my friends I felt that she needed a friend of her own species.  It was at that time Xena the Warrior Princess entered my life.
    After a few minor discrepencies, Daisy and Xena became best friends and they moved from their "one bedroom" fish tank to a spacious bird cage.  At the end of the school year, my rats and I moved home, with my little buddies becoming an immediate distress to my poor mother.  She eventually grew to tolerate my girls enough to help me hide them from my rat hating father.
    Soon after I came home for the summer, I found Gabriella, a tiny platinum rat with long curly hair.  She came home with me as soon as she was old enough to leave mommy.  Daisy and Xena instantly became excellent babysitters to Gabby and they all got along perfectly.  About that same time, Xena contracted an inner ear infection which persisted even with strong medication.  The infection is gone now, but it has left her with permanant inner ear damage.  Now my once agile Warrior Princess walks with her head nearly perpendicular with the ground, and if she really gets wound up she runs in circles.   As horrible as her handicap is, she is still comical running a million miles an hour in a giant circle.  My kitten, Harley, really enjoys the "wind up" action that Xena mimics as she circles.  I have determined that Xena is not suffering, so luckily my cock-eyed friend will still live a happy - but very circular life.  A short time ago I added another rat to the family, a little male with an adorable white face and black "ear muffs."  Unwittingly I allowed my boyfriend, a Pre-Pharmacy major, to choose his name.  My rat is now known as Viagra.  Viagra has recently been joined by a small beige male, Nitro, who was also named by Wil.  A lesson is to be learned here - always name your own rats!! I have since aquired one more boy, Silverado.
    After much indisicion and budgeting I have again up-sized their cage to a large ferret cage which is so big that I consider it a piece of bedroom furnature.  Now my girl rats have much more space to run (in circles if desired) and I can even add more rats to the family if I want to.
   My boys really enjoy the girls' old bird cage.

Update: My little Xena girl has passed away. She went to the bridge on September 11th, 1998. I will always remember you my little clown!!!

Nitro has also recently passed away. You will be missed Nitro!
Daisy and Gabby both had litters in September. Daisy had six adorable Daisy look-alikes. Gabby had an amazing thirteen (!) little ones, each one unique in color. All of the babies found wonderful homes. You can see two of Gabby's not so little ones at their new home here:

A new addition has arrived. A beautiful little pet shop rat who is yet to be named. She is a very young Siamese with a sweet nature. Also, I kept one of Gabby's babies, Bluey, because of his amazing friendliness. That brings the total to seven. A regular RAT RACE!!