Hey everyone! I am just starting this section of my page. There have been many times when I have needed help with rat health issues, and various people have made suggestions that have been really helpful. So, once again I am asking you all to send me your health information so that I can provide all the useful information that I know you all have, all in one place. I think that this could be a really good thing if I could get it started!! I am thinking of a few catagories....


Breeding and raising babies

minor injury

respiratory distress

other illnesses

general upkeep and health

PLEASE let me know if you can help me in my quest!! I know from experience that having the advice and support of other rat owners during a time of minor distress can mean the world. E-mail your suggestions and information to me right away!

Thanks so much!

my e-mail address is


or you can get a direct link on the homepage!