Meet the Rats  
This is  DC Daisy, the beginning of it all.  She is a black and white hooded standard.                       


This is DC Gabriella, a beautiful platinum rex with ruby eyes.  Her coat is very soft and nicely colored, and she has a wonderful personality. In this picture she is super preggers at 20 days! "Oh, I think I've swallowed a football!"

This is little DC Pixie, the newest member of the family. She is a sweet little Siamese girl who is still a little timid.

DC Silverado, the handsome man that he is! He is a sweet dumbo eared blue and white.

This is DC Gypsy, a VERY dumbo eared blue and white rex. She is the only rat I have that loves to take a bath!

This is DC Electric Blue. He is my pride and joy, a beautiful blue berkshire with a very friendly (and licky) personality! He is Gabby's son.

Last but not least, DC Viagra (never let your boyfriend name your pets!)

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