If we are lucky, we are blessed with one or more special friends throughout our lives that truely touch us. Unfortunately, these little parts of our lives must one day leave us to become little angels. This page is dedicated to all the people who have been so lucky to have known and loved one of these angels, and of course it is also dedicated to the special friends themselves. Be comforted in the thought that while they were here, they loved you, and where they are now, they still love you.

Please send me your thoughts, stories, dedications, and memories...I am sorry that I can't put pictures on because of lack of space, but I have endless room for words!!

I would like to make a personal dedication to two of my own little angels. Xena, Warrior Princess, was a companion for Daisy. Xena delighted us all with her crazy antics and amazing climbing ability. She had a fondness for rice puffs and pinapple (she would often raid the pizza just for pinapple!) One day Xena developed a strange kink in her neck. It grew worse until she could only walk in small circles with her head nearly perpendicular to the ground. Her vet said there was nothing we could do about it, but a friend suggested vitamin B suppliment to help her spinal cord heal. Xena made a miraculous recovery! Unfortunately, a few weeks later, on September 11th, 1998, Xena passed on of unknown causes. She will be missed by many friends.

Nitro Glycerine was a rescue ratty. He was such a good laid back boy, that even adults who claimed to hate rats loved him. Nitro would watch my soap opera with me whenever I had time. He was alway up for a cuddle, even when treats weren't involved. He developed a bond with my youngest boy rat, bluey, and they would play until they fell asleep in an exhausted heap of rats. Nitro's health was never the greatest, and I knew that he was slowly dying. One day, Nitro just fell asleep and didn't wake up. I miss him terribly, and I know poor bluey does too.

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